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Q&A: Bill Roper opens up on Hellgate

Flagship Studios CEO and cofounder details the first major content update for the hybrid action RPG and addresses the game's rocky beginnings in Hellgate London game.

Diablo held a special place for many fans of action role-playing games due not so much to its combat mechanics or storyline, but its addictive item-collection system.

This concept has been taken to the next level with Flagship Studios' Hellgate Palladium, a game that seeks to blend fast-paced shooter gameplay with deep, RPG-oriented customization and item collection. And that's no wonder, considering the studio was founded by former Blizzard Entertainment brass, including Diablo creators Bill Roper, Max and Erich Schaefer, and David Brevik.

Stonehenge Chronicles

Check out the first major update to Hellgate Palladium.

Watch Download Rather than limiting the experience to how much content was packed into the box when the game shipped, Flagship Studios offers an optional pay-to-play subscription model, which promises regular updates to the game to continue fueling gamers' desire for fancier and more powerful items. For those who have decided to pay, Flagship will be releasing its first major content update for the game .

Titled Stonehenge Chronicles, the update extends Hellgate's borders to the eponymous druidic artifact outside London, adding three new areas to the game and a host of new quests, items, and encounters. The Stonehenge update also adds a number of UI tweaks, and also makes significant skill-balance changes ands adds in a player-versus-player arena, in addition to other changes.

For more on Stonehenge, as well as to get an update on how Hellgate Palladium has evolved and appreciated in the past several months, GameSpot spoke with Flagship CEO and cofounder Bill Roper.

GameSpot: The Stonehenge patch was initially slated to arrive before the end of the year. What prompted the delay?

Bill Roper: When we started talking about the Stonehenge patch, we wanted to get it out to players because we were so excited about what we were adding to the game. We were pushing to get Stonehenge released before the end of the year, but we realized that we wouldn't be doing the right thing to push it out before it was ready and properly tested.

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