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Brigand Cheatsheet of Holic Online

The Holic Online  Brigand Guide takes you step-by-step from the basics of the class to advanced high level strategies. The author covers everything from leveling hints to raiding strategies and from a spell guideline to equipment advice:

Highlights of the Holic Gold Brigand Guide:

The ideal brigand powerleveling path to level 60

Money making methods for brigands that yield 50 gold per hour

Character creation guide that assists first time brigand players

Brigand skill analysis and ranking

How to play a brigand on raids

Brigand items and weapons and how to get them

Walk-throughs for brigand quests

Solo and grouped strategies written by veterans

Leveling: Level 60 in a matter of 9 days "/played" is possible if you are a Brigand and know where to go and which mobs to fight. The Holic Gold Brigand Guide provides you with the necessary advice to reach that goal by showing you rewarding hunting spots for solo and grouped players and by sharing strategies that let you tear through mobs with ease.

Making 50 gold per hour on average: Follow the instructions laid out in the Holic Gold Brigand Guide to earn a small fortune. Different hunting spots and non-combat methods provide several alternatives for low, mid and high level Brigands.

Char creation: From the effects of individual stats to the suitability of certain races the Holic Gold Brigand Guide gets you started in no time. The author furnishes you with professional advice on enemy, class and racial traits to allow you to make an educated choice or follow the author's recommended path.

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