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Dream Journey Mabinogi-four

Laura laughed, her face bright smile can really solve my jounrey tired, "well, you answer is that I most wanted to hear, I have been waiting a long time for you, you are the first three were the warriors selected, and then the rest before I have to teach you the skills, so that you are injured or when the physical consumption of the past can get adequate rest, ease fatigue." Finished, Laura gave me a book, the book above has a Hexgram, "remember your mission, and now you can embark on a journey."
"Is that the other two warriors do?" I then remember Holic Gold the words of Laura.
"Oh, goddess will bless you and white, to the legendary warrior when it will join together to resist the terrible evil forces to defend Erin world peace."
Goodbye to Laura, I sat alone in the village of central square read this book, read later, I still did not find out, after a while Holic Gold the sky actually fly a white owl, which flew over at me, I clearly it can be seen on the claw clutching a scroll, and soon it dropped the scroll, at first I think it is the mabinogi online gold.
"Miles, it seems the goddess chose you, you are the world's defends of Erin, this is you can not shirk its responsibility." Village do not know when Duncan appeared in my behind.
"I was selected the goddess." Sunshine through Holic Gold the old millennium, the dense foliage of the tree shining in my body, my mind there was a distinct sense of justice within the gas in the ran to defend the peace in the world is my duty-bound to bounden duty.
"Head, I understand you, I understand the arrangements for the goddess, I embark on this journey of self-cultivation, I want to be a warrior." I clenched fists, "to me."
"Oh, but you do not qualify."
"I am dizzy." This old man is really a strange guy.
In the village house to eat dinner before departure, he taught me how to survive Holic Gold in the world of Erin, in the Erin firs thing to do is to survive in the world, many countries because of the recent invasion by the forces of darkness, there is always a lot of field may be fear of the beast, different countries have been plagued by the dark magic.
"To survive here, you have to learn how to protect yourself, I suggest you go to DIERKE NEIER school to learn martial arts, leonard is where the teacher, he was china's first swordsman legend had fought off numerous robbers, but also and mine fought a battke against the monster, only you learn how to protect yourself in order to practice." Duncan village chief gave me a letter of introduction, "go."
TOT, it seems Holic Gold to be a true warrior is not so simple matter.

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