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Druid Spirit Companion in Holic Online

Druids are an excellent choice for raids, one of the finest grouping classes and perfect soloers in Holic Online.

Taking advantage of all those abilities requires you to know the little secrets of the character.

 The author delivers cutting-edge know-how in the Holic Gold Druid Guide and tells you how to play your druid like a real pro:

Highlights of the Holic Gold Druid Guide:

Fast-track leveling for druids: The best locations and strategies

Spell know-how and tactics compiled by veterans in Holic Gold game

Alternate Advancements - the right way for druids to deal with it

The top druid items and how to get them
Druid specific farming guideline

Druid leveling: The best ways to get from 1 to 65 and beyond, including information about quests, strategies for solo and grouped fighting and much, much more Holic Gold:

Solo single mobs or fight multiple creatures at once - the best druid strategies and the best spots in the world of Holic Gold, served to you on a silver plate.

Dungeon solo fighting - find out where to go and what to do, and apply the weapons of a true Nature Walker.

Experience Quests - a little chapter on how to take the risk out of leveling at certain levels.

Grouped fighting - how to play your character in different groups with true finesse. A definite must for any druid: Included are the best camp locations and step-by-step manuals for different play styles.

Druid spells: Different spell lines, how to combine them, the ups- and downs of different setups are the core of this section.

Find out how to get quest spells, and learn the mana basics with detailed guides to specialisation and research. Of course a succor/egress reference table is included as well.

Druid items: More than 30 pages of equipment advice tell you what to wear and how to get it. Ranging from Velious and Planes of Power Armor to the Nature Walker's Scimitar and all-time favourites (uber-items).

No matter if you quest or camp it - this druid guide gives you the necessary background info and the operational know-how on how to gain your outfit with the least effort.

Again a basic section is included explaining focus items and special effect.

Alternate Advancement Points: The most efficient strategies to spend them as well as a detailed explanation of the Planes of Power abilities. No matter which play-style you prefer - here you will find the perfect strategy to distribute your points.

The combination of special strategies and insider secrets together with general overviews and universal tables make this Holic Gold druid guide an outstanding reference at any level.

Free updates: All future updates of this guide are of course included in the purchase price. When an update is published, you will receive a notification. Just log into your account and download the update for free!


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