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Holic Online: Full Game Review

In his preview of Holic Online last week, Reuben “Sardu” Waters gave a brief look at some elements of the game that help distinguish it from the crowded free-to-play market. This week, Sardu returns to the Holy Land of Holic to determine whether the Human Cannon is just a one-shot wonder, and if user created dungeons are as compelling as his imagination made them out to be.

After surviving some of the nuttiness to be found at Nut Ranch, you’ll only be a few hops away from Lunatia Town, which is the primary city hub for Holic Gold. Mind you, the temptation to be shot out of the Human Cannon kept pulling me in before I ever made it to the NPC who serves as your window to amateur dungeon building, but gaining the ability to ride some of Holic Gold’s comical mounts at level 20 helps a bit with the return trip. My personal favorite is a bizarre purple grub-dragon, which is essentially a giant bouncing purple ball with a goat’s head stuck on top.

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