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Holic Online Selling Unique Items For Limited Time

CyberStep Communications Inc. is very pleased to announce another update with our Item Mall items in Holic Online this week on September 25th.

Below will be the list of items for this update, and we are sure that these great items will increase the joy of playing Holic Gold .

List of Items that have been updated:

Limited offer until October 8th :

1. Pet Orb for 9 D !

Now the Item Mall prepares various pets for sale price, from cute little Pohtan to big and mighty Suzu
Rokko. Having one of these pets will definitely make your quest much easier, and make your Holic Gold 

much more interesting with these unique friends aside of you.

 2. Graduation Costume Set for 9 D!

This set of costume will surely make players look more like as they have graduated from fantastic school
of magic or warrior. As well as pets, this unique costume that can have distinguish outlook from others
will only cost 9 D for each parts.

 Other New Items: Pizza, Ball Hands, and Microphone!

 These costumes should definitely bring laughter to the people around you, if you are very skilled to use
these items.

These items would most likely to be seemed as “Gag Equipment” (As a matter of fact, it is),
though these items coming up from this week’s update will maintain its performance as a weapon or
armor at high level, and still keep them as useful item in Holic Gold.

For gag and actual use, this would
be one of your selections for to decide whether to buy or not.

There will be more updates coming up ahead. We are looking forward to release another great update next week. If you would like to check offical site for further information.

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