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Holic Patch Note

Holic Online maintenance for 2nd

1. Monster Target-bar will be Implemented (Tool-Tip and Target Bar)

1.1 Agro / Non Agro can be seen on Target Bar: Aggro monsters(Red) : Non-Agro Monsters(Yellow)
1.2 Elite(Rare)/Boss and Elite(Rare) Monsters(Silver) : Boss Monsters(Holic Gold)

Elite(Rare) : Beaded Giant King/ Mini Hillock King, Dungeon of Lamentione Monsters, Garampa/Vulpess Monsters
Boss : All field Boss Monsters, Dungeon of Lamentione Boss Monsters

1.3 Tooltip/Target bars color differenced by level differences between user and monster.

2. Hunter Class Add

Now Holic Gold players are able to play class Hunter

Players will be able to select hunter class in Class Revolving UI.

Implemented Hunter Quests (Hunter Class Items were already implemented)

3.All Class Event for celebrating Hunter class Implement in Holic Gold

Event Quest will be implemented

4.Ari/Rainbow Candy Cane exchange will be end.

5.Pet Ari will now able to transform

 6.Quest sharing function will be implemented.

6.1.Only available in Party.

6.2. Quest Share button will be activated for only quest that available for Holic Gold.

[Bug Fix]

1.Scroll Bar Function Fix.
Scroll-Bar size will be changed depends on size of the quest contents. Players are now able to scroll the UI with Mouse wheel.

2. Quest Info tab will be automatically turned off if there no registered quest.

3. In Quest List, players are able to register Quest Notification window by double clicking the quest.

4. Level up message will be shown in Chat when players level up

5. Every time when players learn skill or skill level increase, players will see system message on their chat tab.

Youve learned a skill : Your skill level increased

6. Shield not being shown when player equips shield on mount and then un-summon the mount.

7. Sometimes, client terminates when a Holic Gold  player checks Smart Loading Option will be fixed

8. Rest function malfunctioning in certain conditions will be fixed.

9. Icon Coloring on when registering Equipped Items to quick slot will work appropriately.

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