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Tips and Tricks on Holic Online

Here we will introduce some useful tips and tricks on  Holic Online.If you have just started playing in  Holic Online gold , then this is the portion you should read.I believe the article is helpful to you.

How to make Holic gold super easy:

1. Kill level 30's. kill about 10 or 15 of them. (you will get bountied by atleast 5 of them for 100k each, so thats about 500k)

2. make sure you dont have any xp to lose, (meaning dont do this if you have 10% xp you dont want to lose)

3. have a friend kill you, he will get the bountied Holic gold, and yall split it!


How to level super fast:

1. grab ALBot v9.1

2. find big mobs 6 levels higher than you.

3. get as many extra large healths potions as you can

4. get as many medium mana potions as you can.

5. let the bot run until you dont get any xp from the mobs.

6. move up a level!


Get Practically Free Chantra:

1. go to anchorville

2. /s WANT TO BUY 1000CC

3. since anchorville is where the noobs start out they dont know how much chantra is worth. (well most dont)

4. tell them chantra is worth 100k per 1kcc

5. get the 1k chantra and go to tullan

6. sell 1kcc for 4-6mill (brumhart)


Stop Holic Online gold Spammers:

1. send a party invite to them

and thats it!


How to wheel and deal in the Auction house:

1. look in the ah for reinforcment potions

2. if you find any under 150k buy them

3. usually you will find bunches!

4. resell for 160k a piece

over time you will increase your Holic gold alot, i do it everyday for a quick 500k extra!

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