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Game Description and Comments

There are also several different animals to choose from including the Taurus, Bird, Dog, Dragon, Tiger, and Monkey. Packs/guilds are very important in the game since they play a major role in PvP and can be leveled up with quests. Overall, HolyBeast Online is a unique free MMO that deserves a test run.


Holy Beast Online Gold Key Features
Free to play.
Anime-style graphics.
Focused more on grouping than solo play.
Players can switch between animals and humans.
Six animals including Taurus, Bird, Dog, Dragon, Tiger, and Monkey.
The different animals serve as races.
Three stages of beasts.
PvP combat between non-Guild/Pack members.
Beast Battles (PvP) earn Pack Battle Merit Points.
Battle Ranking Board displays the top PvPers.
Pets that can evolve to fight with players.
Packs/guilds can level up by completing quests.
Players can start their own shops.
Download is 503 MB.

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