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HolyBeast Online Overview

HolyBeast Online has the gameplay elements of a generic MMORPG, but introduces an incredibly interesting and unique concept to the genre. Players can transform between their animal and human forms at will. Players will find that this doesn’t have a great deal of impact on the game early on, but later on in the game both forms have their own distinct advantages. As players gain experience, their ‘animal form’ will progressively improve and eventually transform into a higher level animal with a new appearance and abilities.


All Holy Beast Online Gold players start the game as a ‘Young Beast’ and can transform into a human starting at level 3, while animal evolutions occur as players level up. HolyBeast Online’s playable races (animals) are Taurus, Bird, Dragon, Tiger, Monkey and Dog. The classes are:

Warrior – Warriors are proficient with the sword and shield. They have high defense and hit points, but lack ranged attacks. They are the primary ‘tank’ type class and can absorb a great deal of damage in melee combat.

Thief - Thieves typically use claws, chakrams or two swords. Like the warrior, they have powerful melee attacks but few ranged ones. They can deal an lots of damage in melee range and can even inflict poison on their enemies, but have much less HP and Defense compared to the Warrior.

Hunter - Hunters can use Bows and Crossbows. They have powerful ranged attacks but weak melee ones. They have high damage output but fairly low HP and defense.

Illusionist -Illusionists are capable of weakening their enemies with ‘debuffs’ and hurting them with powerful ‘damage over time spells’ (DoTs). Since they are a ‘mage’ class, they have very low HP and defense.

Elementalist -Elementalists are the typical offensive spell-casting class in the game. They can use any one of the game’s four elements to deal powerful damage to either a single target or even a group of targets. Like the Illusionist, Elementalists have very low HP and defense.

Healer - The healer (as the name implies) is the primary support class in the Holy Beast Gold game. They can heal and buff other players, but have minimal combat capabilities and like the other two mage classes, have low HP and defense.

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