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HolyBeast Online Update: Level Capacity Increased and New Maps Unveiled

CyberStep and EASYFUN Entertainment announced that thire Free-to-Play MMORPG "HolyBeast ONLINE" had Massive Update, which added more depth and entertainment to the game by increasing the level capacity, adding 7 new maps, and addition of Beginner Guiding NPC, which should satisfy the needs of majority of our players and other online game players.

“We are thrilled with this massive update” said Hiroaki Ikeda, Management Leader of CyberStep Communications Inc. “HolyBeast ONLINE has attracted majority of people since it started its service. It has distinguishable beautiful graphics, wide varieties of actions you can take such as changing back and forth to human and beast, deep story, and constant event. Now Massive Update will enhance the basis of your game play so that you can fully enjoy the additional features. For example, guild helper will help you out with the game progress by giving you items or an advice. The new addition should satisfy various types of online gamers looking for depth and some sort of kindness in the game!”

HolyBeast ONLINE(Holy Beast Online Gold) is MMORPG that you switch back and forth from cute animal form into a human form at will and aim to be a “hero” with other players. You will find a versatile content which includes various skills, community function, monsters and pets. The official service started in June, and average of 10,000 people has registered to the game ever since then.

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