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Heroes of Three Kingdoms Closed Beta on July 13th

Perfect World Entertainment today announced that its first historically based MMORPG, Heroes of Three Kingdoms, will be launching its closed beta on July 13th. Based on one of history's greatest battles, players will be able to participate in pivotal events in the game and change the course of history that helped shaped China as we know it today. Swear allegiance to the Wei, Shu or Wu kingdoms, rise within the ranks and lead your forces to victory.


"Heroes of Three Kingdoms Gold is one of our most anticipated games to date and we're very excited to be launching the closed beta in North America in less than two weeks," said AJ Potter, Product Manager for Heroes of Three Kingdoms. "Regardless of whether you are familiar with the Battle of Red Cliff, the legend is one that resonates throughout history-from the tale of David versus Goliath or the battle of 300 Spartans against the forces of Xerxes. Heroes of Three Kingdoms brings to life one of the most turbulent periods in history."

About the Battle of Red Cliff
The Battle of Red Cliff, also known as Chi Bi, took place during the late Han Dynasty. This decisive battle marked the beginning of the Heroes of Three Kingdoms Gold era. This battle pitted two warlords against the country's most fabled general, with forces numbering 50,000 vs. 240,000 respectively, with more than 100,000 casualties.

Famous Historical Battles:
- Battle of Thermopylae (Spartan 300 Battle) - Estimated casualties 22,300 - 22,500
- Battle of Waterloo (Napoleon's Defeat) - Estimated casualties 47,000+
- Battle of Gettysburg (American Civil War) - Estimated casualties 51,000
- Battle of Red Cliff (Three Kingdoms era) - Estimated casualties 100,000+
For more information about Heroes of Three Kingdoms Gold or to sign up for the closed beta, please visit the official website here.

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