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Ring Blades Class Preview

The highly-anticipated class - Ring Blades in Heroes of Three Kingdoms , which is published by Perfect World Entertainment, is bound to give you a surprise in its upcoming update.

The Ring Blades class is regarded as versatile. It not only can do high burst damages on single target and AoE, but also has numerous evasion techniques. By now, we can see three skills released for this class: Searing Orb, Eye of the Storm and Taunt. It sounds like Ring Blades is a class that can adapt well to any situations.


Just looking downright awesome, this ability lends more than one hand in combat. The initial lightning charged summon, followed by the gorgeous animation of the yellow glowing orb will make you feel like a planet while the sun-like ball of energy circles you. This skill can either be used to gather up monsters or activated as a defensive move during an overwhelming fight between multiple enemies.

With a lifespan of 47 seconds, the orb does a high amount of work in that time frame. As soon as it’s summoned, it’s able to deal damage every other second, equal to 10% of your maxium Attack Power(HOTK Gold) while also dishing out additional damage that completely ignores defense.

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