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Stats Build in Heroes of Three Kingdoms

The higher level(Heroes of Three Kingdoms) you get, the more stat points you get. At level 1-10 you only get 4 per level but at level 11-20 you get 5 per level and you add 1 to it every 10 levels. They are strength, intelligence, and dexterity. Strength is for damage and HP(Heroes of Three Kingdoms Gold). Intelligence is for MP, skill damage, and skill defense. Dexterity is for defense.
The problem with the game is that a full strength build will trump any of the other ones in most situations. The ability to spam potions with no cooldown time allows for this. Healing skills(Heroes of Three Kingdoms Gold) have a delay unlike potions so strength is more important than anything else. Despite the increase
in general stats, your overall stat requirements are still severely restricted if you wish to use multiple weapons.
If you use more than 1 weapon, you only have about 1 level''s worth of stats to make a mistake on at any given time. Going over that will result in the inability to use both weapons of your level. Heroes of Three Kingdoms Gold's
best to focus on 1 weapon anyways. Each character''s weapons can further be divided into 3 types. The first weapon of each character type can be divided into 2 types.
An example is a saber and a blade for sword types. A saber requires strength as a stat requirement and the blade requires dexterity as a stat requirement. The secondary weapon always has a dexterity requirement in order to equip. Each weapon type also has a set of skill books. HOTK Gold come in several varieties based on level. The first is one for level 10, then another for level 25, 40, 60 and 100.
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