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Kabod Online reaches Taiwan

Kabod Online, an adult-rated 3D MMORPG developed by Kabod Entertainment, is coming to Taiwan. Kabod Entertainment signed a publishing contract for Kabod Online with Wayi International Digital Entertai..


Kabod Online provides 4 character classes

Kabod Online, a video game containing sexual contents has called to the adult entries.Kabod Gold), players are given the right to seduce NPCs of different sexes, and even make a date with them in the ..


18+ Kabod Online 1st Impression: Clothes Become Unnecessary

Kabod Online, developed by the Korea-based Kabod Entertainment and focusing on violence, eroticism and gambling, carried out its first closed beta between . Some other adults-only MMORPGs like Seven S..


Kabod Online Developer Explained Featured Adult Elements

Kabod Online is scheduled to start its first closed beta, second closed beta in September, pre-open beta in November, and open beta in winter. The game has been exported to Hong Kong, and its operatio..


Kabod Online might be the most controversy online video game

Kabod Online, a video game containing sexual contents has called to the adult entries.Kabod Gold)another main feature, causes the decline of armor durability. As a result, the avatars will become almo..


18+ Kabod Online: 1st Global CBT for Coming Soon

Kabod Online with full 18+ contents including gambling, violence and sex elements, become heated topic in players. Recently, when we visited its original official site, all the Korean information chan..


18+ Kabod Online Interview: Adult MMOG is Not Only about Nakedness

Kabod Online, a MMORPG featuring adult and sexual content and developed by Korea-based Kabod Entertainment, has changed its official site into English version and will be releasing a global server to ..


Adult MMORPG Kabod Online Exported to Turkey

Kabod Online, whichs being serviced in South Korea now.Kabod Gold)players in Turkey showed considerable concerns about and great expectations of Kabod Online, and that GGC thought very highly of Kabod..


Korea Adult MMORPG Kabod Online News

Kabod Online. Every equipment part has a duribility value, like 100 or 150, that value drops point by point, when you get damaged or hit by monsters. At some specific amounts the armors gets destroyed..


18+ Kabod Online Global Test Review

Kabod Online is a new +18 MMO, that shows, as you might guess, nude parts or let us say some x-rated stuff. Kabod Online comes with some simple and common game mechanics, like some Enchantments, PK -S..


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