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18+ Kabod Online 1st Impression: Clothes Become Unnecessary

Kabod Online, developed by the Korea-based Kabod Entertainment and focusing on "violence", "eroticism" and "gambling", carried out its first closed beta between . Some other adults-only MMORPGs like Seven Souls and Age of Conan have started operation, but Kabod Online still catches numerous South Korean players' eyes thanks to its "amazingly abundant adult elements". An interviewer from a Korean game portal just joined Kabod Online's first closed beta, and shared his opinions.

The Cloth Ripping System should be the greatest highlight of Kabod Gold, which is applied to not only the in-game characters but also the monsters. To enjoy the real cloth ripping fun, numerous players (including me) jumped into the gaming world early. (Kabod Gold)Players found that characters in the game were extremely revealing even though their clothes were not ripped, since they could take off their gears (e.g. armors and robes) and expose their underwear.You can Buy Kabod Gold.

Rogue is the most "revealing" class in the game. Over 50% female rogues took part in the combats without defense and nakedly(Kabod Online Gold). Once a female rogue appeared in the village, many characters would approach and gaze at her. According to incomplete statistics, over 90% of the onlookers zoomed in on the female rogues for a better view.

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