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18+ Kabod Online Interview: Adult MMOG is Not Only about Nakedness

Kabod Online, a MMORPG featuring adult and sexual content and developed by Korea-based Kabod Entertainment, has changed its official site into English version and will be releasing a global server to let worldwide players enjoy a true adults-only MMO. Previously, MMOsite reported some content related to the game's alpha test and a lot of wonderful screenshots, which were quite popular with numerous players. Today, we are very glad that Jack Eum, CEO of Kabod Entertainment, could accept our interview and talk about this eye-catching game.

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MMOsite: Kabod Online is set in Medieval Europe and the playwright of the TV series Sexy Mong has worked on the game's storyline. When the game is being developed, a novel of the same name is also being created. Why do you adopt this cooperative mode? Are you worried that English players cannot share the same cultural background?

Jack: I thought it would be a bit difficult to effectively deliver the story and the entertainment only through quests and events of the game. I had the desire to effectively convey Kabod's storyline through a novel. I also thought OSMU (One Source Multi-Use) would be a helpful marketing strategy. Therefore, we are in the process of developing not only novels, but also iphone games, web games, and action games.

I actually don't think English players would have any difficulty in terms of understanding the cultural background. The setting is set in Medieval Europe and discovering a new world through the passage of dimensional gates is very much like a fantasy story, (Kabod Gold)so there shouldn't be a cultural difference that makes it difficult to understand.

MMOsite: Kabod Online hasn't been publicized widely, why do you decide to launch a global test? How is the English localization progress?

Jack: Kabod Online had global services in mind from the start. The launching of a global test is to accept the feedbacks and accommodate the needs of the overseas users from the start.

The English localization task, based on CBT version, is expected to be completed by the end of this month.

MMOsite: How is the testing with oversea players? How do they react to the game? Are they trying running naked in the game?

Jack: There are an unexpectedly high percentage of users who simply connect out of curiosity and continue to play for a substantial amount of time. The nakedness is part of the attention grabber early in the game, but throughout the game, players develop an interest in our exclusive "Magic Pattern system" and "Villain systems", focusing more on the game itself than running naked.


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