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Adult MMORPG Kabod Online Exported to Turkey

The South Korean company Kabod Entertainment signed an agreement with the Turkey-based game publisher GGC to confirm the export of its self-developed adults-only medieval fantasy MMO Kabod Online, which's being serviced in South Korea now.

As a game publisher of strong operation power, GGC is currently taking charge of many kinds of games' operation in Turkey, and is also discussing the hot game Twelve Sky 2's operation with the related South Korean company.

Kabod Entertainment successfully carried out Kabod Online's first CBT in Turkey through its GSP (Global Service Platform). More Turkish players are expected to join the game's OBT on February 19.

The one in charge of GGC expressed that thanks to the launch of the corresponding overseas site, (Kabod Gold)players in Turkey showed considerable concerns about and great expectations of Kabod Online, and that GGC thought very highly of Kabod Online's operation in Turkey too.

As the one responsible for Kabod Entertainment said, they're confident that Kabod Online will present itself as a typical South Korean game successfully published in Turkey.

Negotiations about Kabod Online's service in some other foreign countries are also in progress now. The export to Turkey just stands for the game's first step in marching into the overseas markets.

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