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The feelings of the small-class warriors

Kal Online organizations in the two letters in the test, I take part in them, for all professional fighters, telecommunications, small Leihuo ID is, I believe some people also know me.

Below simple referring to the small of the fighters of theKal Online Geons and feelings. Vocational skills on the fighter I will not say more, the major Web site are introduced.

Here, I say, fighters under arms choice fighters in Kal Online Geons can choose a pair of hands and arms. Personally feel that a pair of hands and arms better weapons.

A fighter most basic and most important skills is the enthusiasm (and enthusiastic), can be said to be on the line there is bound to open, fighters in the game put the skills of the great power consumption must enthusiasm, dedication and enthusiasm in addition to the accumulation of 5 seconds / points.

We must rely on the enthusiasm of the release of accumulated skills of small, double-weapons attack on speed, the faster the release of skills fast, which means that at the same time, the enthusiasm accumulated faster, more skills can be released, Kal Online Geons naturally Warrior their work: output also higher,.

I suggest that you take a pair of arms. It does not mean that their hands on weapons of merit, skills hands weapons attack more slowly, but more instantaneous power, can be used to attract hatred. 2 guards in the absence of test, we boost the unpleasant task of fighters only as TANK, this time on his hands can be used to attract hatred of the weapons. In the forest trolls and the main line of Engelhard?

Tasks, there are relatively good hands weapons incentivesKal Online Geons , very commendable attribute, these tasks can be in the red when the solution is simple, we may wish to do so can leapfrog the used test Let us look at is good. Fighters is very fragile, at the same level of 2 Zhiguai on some difficult, and by three or Run everyone, after all, this is not strange eating red kimchi anti-drug game, survival is the first of a =. = A measurement, because of the inexperience of the game, I only entails submitting a 45.

2 measurement, as a result of the payment of accounts less, the more difficult team (Off-topic: Kal Online Geons game is mainly different from kimchi team spirit, we have the best time on the line almost a fixed team, or single - it is very difficult on the field mixed teams, because the task was not consistent. SOLO like feeding the audience only to blame,).

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