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King of Kings 3 will be introduced

Recently the path of the warrior in the clan warfare MMORPG King of Kings 3 was introduced; today the path of the mage, including all its specializations, will be introduced.

The mage wears robes, which is why he can only take a small amount of damage in battle. But thanks to his magic abilities he is able to cause far more damage than anyone else. During his adventures, he can choose one of three classes. A sword mage fights with magic as well as a sword.

 King of Kings 3 Sword mages can wear cotton robes as well as thick robes. The conjuror, on the other hand, prefers to use a magic wand over a sword. He might not be able to wear thick robes, but he is able to conjure magical assistance. The wizard is also clad in cotton robes and armed with a wand. He relies on elemental energy in battle. He can use it to deal damage while also increasing his own defense. The nine specializations available to the mage upon reaching level 120 are as follows:

Specializations of the Sword Mage

Sword Master: Armed with magic and a sword, the sword mage goes to war. He uses his magic abilities to increase King of Kings 3 Gold sword attacks.

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