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Never Too Cute to Kill

Legend of Edda is an upcoming MMORPG hosted by North American publisher, OnNet USA, through its MMO portal, GamesCampus. Developed by Korean studio, Eya Soft, which is well-known in the English market for Luna Online, the game focuses on PvP elements despite its cute and anime-styled graphic design. Is there more to this game or will it fall under the "generic" category of foreign imports? Let's find out.

OnRPG: Hello, I am Fo Po (cinderboy), journalist at OnRPG. Can you please introduce yourself?
Hey Fo Po, it's a pleasure to meet you. My name is Henry Law and I am the Producer for Legend of Edda Gold English Service.

Sacred Tresure

OnRPG: The Korean server for Legend of Edda went "live" not too long ago, and I am pleasantly surprised at how quick the English server will be going into Closed Beta. Why the decision to bring in the game to the English audience?
The decision to bring Legend of Edda Gold to the English audience was decided even before the Legend of Edda closed beta. The game's features and gameplay from initial test not only grabbed our attention but left us and wanting more. This is the feeling we want all players to experience when playing Legend of Edda for the first and thousandth time.

OnRPG: Players have been comparing Legend of Edda Gold to other games but most significantly, Ragnarok Online. How will you differentiate Legend of Edda from the supposed competition?
Legend of Edda picks up where majority of these games left off sporting the latest in intense gameplay action to adorable character emotes. One very unique feature to Legend of Edda separating it from other games is the intense RvR combat. The RvR warfare, not yet seen in any of the competitor games, is an important part to both Legend of Edda's storyline and gameplay. Legend of Edda has something for everyone regardless a person is looking to step into the MMORPG scene or a die-hard PvP player.

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