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Never Too Cute to Kill 2

OnRPG: What are some of the incentives to encourage players to participate in such PvP battles?
From the Sacred Treasure Wars, players can obtain class specific demi-god powers, special items, unique title ranks, and increased temporary bonuses to their characters. EYAsoft is currently working on adding more to this system, so stay tuned!

OnRPG: With PvP in the spotlight, how will the PvE experience in Legend of Edda fare? Will players who prefer to stay away from PvP have as much fun in the game?
Players can still fully enjoy Legend of Edda if they do not wish to participate in PvP. These players will still be able to benefit from faction buffs rewarded from the Sacred Treasure War. And there are a lot of instanced dungeons and world bosses for these players to tackle with great rewards.

Dungeon Boss

OnRPG: Being a PvP-centric MMORPG, the cash shop will be scrutinized by many players. How much gap will there be for players who spend in the cash shop compared to the players who don't?
The item mall will provide no direct benefits to the gameplay & PvP. Initially the mall will contain functional items for experience, drop, crafting protection, and cosmetic items such as costumes. More importantly, these items will not affect the balance of a live Sacred Treasure War. As a special event during the Legend of Edda Gold closed beta test, all players will be able to try out the items in the mall for free. During this time, we encourage players to give their feedback on the items.

OnRPG: Are there any events planned to celebrate the upcoming Closed Beta or even the Open Beta phase?
Why wait for Closed Beta? There are events already running for Legend of Edda. These events give players a chance to win an exclusive Legend of Edda Gold USB flash drive with early access to the closed beta. During both closed and open beta, there are a few events planned but I can't release too many details yet but I can say that they will give players a chance to win both in-game items and physical merchandise. Visit the main site for more details on the events.

OnRPG: Thanks for your time! I will be looking forward to a smashing great time in Legend of Edda!

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