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1000M Adena + 5% extra bonus 6.70 GBP Chronos
1500M Adena + 5% extra bonus 10.04 GBP Chronos
2000M Adena + 5% extra bonus 13.38 GBP Chronos
3000M Adena + 5% extra bonus 20.06 GBP Chronos
4000M Adena + 5% extra bonus 26.75 GBP Chronos
5000M Adena + 5% extra bonus 33.41 GBP Chronos
6000M Adena + 5% extra bonus 40.08 GBP Chronos
7000M Adena + 5% extra bonus 46.73 GBP Chronos
8000M Adena + 5% extra bonus 53.38 GBP Chronos
9000M Adena + 5% extra bonus 60.03 GBP Chronos
10000M Adena + 5% extra bonus 66.66 GBP Chronos
15000M Adena + 5% extra bonus 99.94 GBP Chronos
20000M Adena + 5% extra bonus 133.19 GBP Chronos
30000M Adena + 5% extra bonus 199.68 GBP Chronos
40000M Adena + 5% extra bonus 266.11 GBP Chronos
50000M Adena + 5% extra bonus 332.47 GBP Chronos
60000M Adena + 5% extra bonus 398.76 GBP Chronos
70000M Adena + 5% extra bonus 464.98 GBP Chronos
80000M Adena + 5% extra bonus 531.14 GBP Chronos
90000M Adena + 5% extra bonus 597.24 GBP Chronos
100000M Adena + 5% extra bonus 663.28 GBP Chronos
150000M Adena + 5% extra bonus 994.41 GBP Chronos
200000M Adena + 5% extra bonus 1,325.22 GBP Chronos
300000M Adena + 5% extra bonus 1,986.83 GBP Chronos
400000M Adena + 5% extra bonus 2,647.79 GBP Chronos
500000M Adena + 5% extra bonus 3,308.08 GBP Chronos
The world of Lineage II is a war-torn land spanning two continents, where trust and betrayal clash as three kingdoms vie for power. The young king Raoul has successfully quenched a civil war and established the newest kingdom, Aden. Elmore, the military superpower located in the northern part of the continent, boasts that it is a direct descendent of ancient Elmoreden kingdom. Gracia, located across the ocean on the west, is currently embroiled in a chaotic battle among blood relatives trying to take over the throne. These kingdoms share a delicate balance of power; however, within each kingdom they are vulnerable to internal strife, as each manor has strong desire for self-rule.

You have been thrown into this chaos. However, unlike the ordinary people who pray each day for safety, you have the power to protect yourself. In Lineage II, developing a character is not an end in itself. Rather, it is your instrument to obtain the power to enforce your will in this world. Seize your destiny! Your own hand will write the history of this world. is offering cheapest Lineage 2 Adena or L2 Adena to our clients. Prices slashed 20% off and another Gold offered free with your order. Nowhere else can you find such a great sale! Join us and get your Lineage 2 Adena and L2 Adena. Keep an eye on our special sale everyday :)

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