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Land of Chaos Online News List
LOCO Skills of Build

Land of Chaos Online): This build is meant to make this hero an insane dpser with his auto attacks, so than a skill spammer. This build allows him to be viable early - middle - late game, with late ga..


Land of Chaos Online interview

Land of Chaos Online is pushing the formula as well, by adding in third-person shooter elements to a Defense of the Ancients-style match format.Loco Gold MMOs, with a strong emphasis on coupled charac..


LOCO - Land of Chaos Online - Introducing Ash

LOCO crew of misfits, on his way to explore the world for priceless items and valuables. Specifically, Ash is searching for a treasure chest that contains the vestiges of Hellion, a treasure currently..


Land of Chaos Online Review - DotA With A New Perspective

Land of Chaos Online (LOCO) is a multiplayer online strategy game hosted by Alaplaya that mixes RPG and third person action to create new gaming experience like never before. While LOCO is unique in s..


Assassin Hibachi Sneaks Her Way into LOCO

LOCO - Land of Chaos Online. This sultry assassin dives into the world of LOCO on a mission to restore the honor of her proud clan.LOCO Gold roster, burda:ic is getting into the holiday spirit with sp..


Three Games in One

LOCO. The game features 13 different heroes to choose from (with 17+ more heroes on the way), each with their own strengths and weaknesses to bring into battle. LOCO brings players fast paced gameplay..


Unreal game engine design

Land of Chaos Online gets revealed by SOEs upcoming Agency MMO the more I feel like the game is being mainly designed for the PS3 crowd. Which is all well and good, but, really, I am a PC gamer at hea..


Land of Chaos Online News

Loco Gold today that they have successfully completed the closed beta testing for their new title, Land of Chaos Online (LOCO). Open beta is expected to begin in early August.LOCO divides players in t..


Our Thoughts on LOCO

LOCO: If you find yourself in the latter category, you have to try and avoid them and pray you can find some stuff to kill and get your level up. Either way, a match seems to be decided way too early ..


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