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Game publisher burda:ic announced Loco Gold today that they have successfully completed the closed beta testing for their new title, Land of Chaos Online (LOCO). Open beta is expected to begin in early August.
LOCO divides players in two factions: the Army of Hell or the Forces of Nature. (Nature narrowly won the majority of closed beta battles.) It features 30 playable characters, each with unique skills, Loco Coins and combines RTS, Action, and RPG gameplay elements. LOCO will be launched under the free-to-play model.
Achim Kaspers, Managing Director of burda:ic, said about the closed beta, “The Stress Test weekend went off without a hitch, and it provided us with the invaluable feedback we need to prepare the Open Beta. We love interacting with the LOCO community and look forward to Land of Chaos Online Gold hearing more input as we get closer to the official launch!”
True Games Interactive has announced that the closed beta for Petroglyph’s mythology themed MMORPG, Mytheon, has officially started. While this is technically a closed beta test, anyone is free to sign up and participate in the Mytheon Closed Beta by simply visiting the game’s official website.


Of course, it may take some time(Loco Gold) for you to receive your closed beta key, and there is an NDA in effect, but Mytheon looks like it’s worth it – a rich lore, combining different mythologies and blending them with fantasy, classical hack ‘n slash gameplay with a pinch of RTS. Did I peak your interest? If yes, click here to sign up immediately.


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