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Land of Chaos Online Review - DotA With A New Perspective

Land of Chaos Online (LOCO) is a multiplayer online strategy game hosted by Alaplaya that mixes RPG and third person action to create new gaming experience like never before. While LOCO is unique in several ways, many gameplay elements from LOCO are inspired by DotA (Defense of the Ancients) style games such as League of Legends or Heroes of Newearth.

Even though I'm personally not much of a fan of these games, Loco Gold made it easy enough for slow witted strategists like me to keep up and deep enough for full-on DotA masters to show their stuff.

LOCO begins with you choosing between heroes that range from completely standard to absolutely insane. You have access to brawny warriors, loli wizards, berserk monsters and more. Each hero has different stats, skills and weapons to work with, so you'll need to choose wisely.


Once your hero is made, the tutorial will begin to explain the main gist of LOCO's main game mode (battlefield) in fine detail. Controls are handled FPS style: WSAD keys for movement, spacebar to jump and left mouse button to attack. You can also use Q key to block and TAB to switch weapons. This tutorial will take you about 20 minutes to run through and there are videos available after the tutorial to give you some extra pointers.

From there, the lobby opens up where you can chat with other players, manage your heroes, shop for new skills, equipment, cash items and other different functions.

You can join a game automatically using quick join or search for games from the room list, although as a beginner you'll constantly be nagged to play only on the novice map for a while. Play options for creating rooms are fairly limited and active rooms that are not in session will not start until all player slots are filled up, which sucks if you're just looking to get in a quick game, but instead you'll be waiting quite a while before a match begins.

Now Loco Gold only has two main modes of play: Annihilation, which is your typical team deathmatch and Battlefield, where DotA elements come into play. Annihilation mode is very straight forward, so I won't go into that, but just to give you a quick idea of how DotA games work: Two teams go head to head to see who can destroy the opposing team's base. Before your team can destroy the enemy base, you'll have to kill enemy players and NPC monsters (called creeps) to level up your character and gain new skills. Along the way, you can also purchase items that can be combined with other items to create even more powerful items to use in battle. Attacking them enemy's base must be done in a specific order (such as destroying the base points first, then the healing fountains, etc.) and then the headquarters can be destroyed which will earn your team a victory.



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