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LOCO Skills of Build

LOCO(Land of Chaos Online): This build is meant to make this hero an insane dpser with his auto attacks, so than a skill spammer. This build allows him to be viable early - middle - late game, with late game him being near impossible to kill by any hero. If you're doubting it, then tell that to our 1k damage auto attack crits with our 45% chance to crit and boosted attack speed. Our last game we played went 3 vs 5 from the start with 2 of our teamates leaving, we played it out and we ended up going 18-1 and killing 90% of the buildings.

Dragon Vision is an amazing skill, early - middle game(cheap Loco Gold) it isn't as effective, but late game its the bread and butter for this build, it boosts Atin's dps as well as all of the other allied heros dps substantially. Hell and Heaven is his stun, with it scaling from 1-2-3 seconds with each respective level. It's a ranged stun meaning he will charge at them from a range and stun. Great for team fights or chasing heros. Sword Arrow, the most amazing skill he has early - middle game.

At level 5 this is a 500 damage nuke with a 15 seconds cooldown, and to top it off it's ranged. Its amazing for last hitting low hp enemy heros that you've been pounding on before they can pop their recall. Emerald sword, early game its not effective, but middle - late game you just run people over with it. They see a huge green sword coming at them and they know their day is about to get ruined.

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