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Our Thoughts on LOCO

LOCO: If you find yourself in the latter category, you have to try and avoid them and pray you can find some stuff to kill and get your level up. Either way, a match seems to be decided way too early in the match, which isn't fun whether you're on the winning team or the losing one. We would much prefer a system where you go gain levels on your heroes from playing, and matches consist of people in a narrow level range. We think this way, you would have less chance of coming up on significantly better/lesser equipped players and a match would not become a drag, as it can go either way for either team, depending on how well they work together.

As it stands, there's rarely any team work, each player wants to be far from a teammate and get as high level Loco Gold s he can as fast as possible. A wholly underwhelming experience, especially after the novice map is no longer available. It's much smaller space provides much more action, and doesn't allow anyone to somehow find a spot free from opponents to level quickly and attain a serious advantage.


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