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Unreal game engine design

As more and more information Land of Chaos Online gets revealed by SOE’s upcoming Agency “MMO” the more I feel like the game is being mainly designed for the PS3 crowd. Which is all well and good, but, really, I am a PC gamer at heart, and as such I like my MMORPGs to be designed for the PC first, and then the consoles or whatever. Of course, I have no problem being proven wrong, but as I see it now the Agency is looking like a no-go for me. But that’s fine, because there is another Spy MMO being developed right now: Global Agenda.
Originally announced (Loco Gold) the game is being developed by an independent studio called Hi-Rez Studios. This is their first game, but a quick look at their website’s “About Us” section reveals that they have got a lot of talent under their belt with people who have worked for games ranging from City of Heroes to Oblivion. Pretty good games if you ask me.
The game is being designed using the Unreal Engine, which means that the game will have a solid base to run off of. This is Land of Chaos Online Gold hopefully an indication of the type of gameplay we will be able to enjoy. It should help realize some of the robust features that Hi-Rez has planned for their launch title which includes:
Create, extensively customize, and develop an agent character that is unique within the world. Protect your secret identity through covert activity while increasing your skills and influence.


Join a player-created agency, compete in Loco Gold a technology race for advanced weaponry, and advance your own agenda.
Engage in solo, co-op, and team objective-based missions against non-player and other player-created agencies.
Experience a dynamic world of espionage and intrigue, where in-game events and locations are influenced by the actions of players and agencies.
No other information has Loco Gold been revealed about the game. A trailer was released last year as well, but it contained very little details. What we do know is that Spy gameplay mixed with Science fiction equal one bad ass Spyience-Fiction MMORPG. Oh! One last note about the game: expect instanced zones. Lots of em. . .

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