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By combining the motif of Asian culture with many unique features, players will experience a game like no other in Hero Online!

Characters: When a player begins the game, they will have to choose one of four characters: The Ruthless Blade, Overseer of the Sky, The Piercing Eye, or the Elegant Mystic. Each character will have his/her own strength, weakness, weapon proficiencies, and stats.

Skills: Players will have the option to pick and choose certain skills to either focus on whether it be aggressive skills, passive skills, or both. When it comes to choosing skills, players can pick or choose which skills to equip depending on their need since skills are based on books. Players will have 10 book slots, and will be able to allocate which slot has which book. Since a skill book could have up to 3 skills, players could potentially have a whole arsenal of skills or a small amount. Skill books can be found from talking to npcs, fighting monsters, undergoing quests, or trading from other players. 

Gameplay: Every combative action, from normal attacks to special moves, looks like it was taken from a martial arts movie. Even the modes of transportation within hero gold are fun to look at! Players can move with incredible speeds, fly over buildings, or walk on air. Not to mention being able to ride and fight on mounts!

Pet System: One of the most impressive and unique aspect of hero online gold is its elaborate Pet System. In Hero Online, there are two types of pets, mountable and non-mountable pets. Non-mountable pets have the ability to help their masters in combat both in fighting and defending using a special AI system that the player sets. In contrast, mountable pets can’t attack, but they can carry their masters as well as allow them to fight while carrying them. Pets can be obtained by either purchasing them through an npc or by taming wild animals using hunter skills.

Items: Items will be very important in the game since a martial artist’s weapon is a symbol of their pride and skill. Because of this, Hero Online contains an incredible array of item variation in addition to an intricate enchant/disenchant. This is of course on top of an immersive crafting system where PvP is required/optimal to obtain necessary materials.

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