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Loong Online Latest Screenshots

Loong Online, which made its debut before global players on ChinaJoy days ago, may have not attracted much attention for the concepts released before.

Loong Online

The gameplay experience evolves with time, you unlock unique skills as you play with friends or family. Loong Gold brings a wealth of novel ideas to the European free-to-play market – something for casual players and hardcore gamers alike.Register for the upcoming closed beta and not only be one of the first to play Loong Online but also help us ensure that this is a truly game-changing MMORPG.

Today some latest screenshots was just unveiled by its producer Shanghai-based Dacheng Network, and it might give you a brand new impression. Besides, these screenshots also remind me of Blade & Soul and Mabinogi: Heroes for its realistic characters. Well, check it out yourself.

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