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Captain in Lotro ( part one)

Welcome to mmofisher.Most Lotro players wonder about captains'dos and dons. We just collect articles from other site. Hope it can help player to know about captains.Hope you like. Captains can heal and tank but can they do respectable melee dps too? Does a Captain tank better then heal or vise versa? Is the only thing that separates a tank from a healer it's traits and equipment? If so could anyone provide a link/answers for how to do so whether it be for healing or tanking.

Captains are not as good as a shaman-type class(Lotro Gold) at buffing as like Paladins in other games. They are healing tanks that can buff. The legendary trait In Defense of Middle Earth gives +50 vitality, +50 will, +50 fate, +50 might.

You can also give the critical hit buff, the parry buff (nobody uses it,) or the in-combat power regen buff on individuals, even outside of the group. But you can only cast it on yourself and your fellows (not on anyone out of group).

Captains are not true healers as they cannot perform "Big" heals on people. They can, however, heal their fellows with many different hot heals that all add up. If an emergency arises, the captain usually performs "Last Stand" and "In Harm's Way" to save a group member, buy lotro gold rather than heal them. In Harm's Way means the captain takes 100% of the dmg that ALL fellowship members are taking.

Last Stand means the captain is invincible (cannot die) for 15 seconds. If the Captain has traited for Last Stand, it's 25 seconds, with a +400 personal heal when it wears off. In Last Stand mode, the captain's health can go down to 1, but not 0. So sometimes captains die after it wears off it they still have aggro, or even if they have a tiny bleeding wound if another class like a minstrel doesn't heal them during last stand.

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