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The needed to step turbine up in Lotro(Part One)

Lately in your kin forums it has been nothing but complaints about how turbine has really made lotro go downhill.The complaints to name a few vary over different aspects of the game:A skirmish system,which clearly had good intent,but has terrible rewards and everyone is bored of after only 2 months of playing.Lots of grinding and effort for sub-par and often disposable rewards.You mean who makes the new Moria drop rewards for the old instances better then the raid loot?Seriously?People are also really disillusioned with the LI system which not caring to improve their weapons(the lord of rings gold)because they think they'll just need to start over again with the next expansion,which no one has proven won't happen.Melee classes are completely useless in the new Barad Guldur raid!You can know they are fixing some things,but it doesn't change the fact that melee will still be far out-performed by ranged DPS.Whole expansion got boring in 32 days for you.

Captain DPS is a joke that you won't even bother playing your captain anymore as a level(LOTRO Gold)20 hunter/ RK does more damage.IMO,it just wasn't enough of an expansion.And there are a few things about the current grind that are not very motivating that not getting good legacies no matter how often you ID an LI and a complete lack of second age crafting items.You have to say and you're underwhelmed by SoMGrinding is tedious and it seems good LIs are now so much harder to get than in Moria.And after you do this,then you expect to have to do it again in too short a time.You always wanted LIs that grew with your toons.The girnd is just becoming a real drag for you.It will say this.Mirkwood is a very good time to work up alts.Some classes are simply not viable in BG,some classes are simply not fun to play,some classes are simply broken.In the end,it was a rather shabby expac and you think that people are just getting tired of it.


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