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Tips to Play the Confrontation in LOTRO

In Lord of the Rings online, the Confrontation is a strategic battle for two players. What makes it particularly fun is that unlike most two-player strategic games, the forces you get are completely different. Unlike, say, Stratego, in Lord of the Rings online: the Confrontation, the good guys and the bad guys have completely different pieces and some different spell cards too. So if you really want to get a feel for the game, you should play it twice; once for each side!
At the beginning we will overview the Confrontation first.

The nine members of the Fellowship of the Ring are controlled by one player, while nine Dark characters are controlled by the other. Pieces are placed on a map of Middle Earth Stratego-like, so that your opponent can't see which piece is located where.

The Good player wins if Frodo enters Mordor; the Dark player wins if three Dark characters are in the Shire or by defeating Frodo in battle. On a turn, a player must move one of his pieces forward. If that piece moves into a territory occupied by an opponent, a battle takes place.
The characters are revealed, sometimes special cards are played, buy lotro gold and one of the pieces will either retreat or be defeated and removed from the game. Each game can be set up differently, providing great replay value.

But now we will make mention of several tips to play the Confrontation in LOTRO Gold. All of the tips are as follows:
The first tip is to make a decision which players will play as evil and which players will play as good. This is very important. Position the board such that the good player is sitting at the Shire corner, and the evil player is sitting at the Mordor corner.

The second tip to place the characters appreciate to your side on the first three rows of the board with the backs facing your opponent. You can place up to four pieces in your backmost corner space, but only two pieces in any other space. Pick up all the cards of your color.

The third tip is to move one of your characters one space forward or sideways on your turn. If you land on a space with an opposing figure, you battle.
The fourth tip is to battle an opposing figure by first reading any special text on the two characters that would prevent cards from being played. If there is no text, each player chooses a card from his hand and plays it face-down. Reveal both cards simultaneously, lord of the rings gold then follow the instructions on any worded cards and add the power of any numbered cards to the power on the characters.

The fifth tip is to take more notice of text on cards and characters because it supersedes any numbers. If no text otherwise alters the battle, the character with the highest total power (on piece and card) wins the battle, and the other piece is destroyed.

The last tip is to get Frodo to Mordor. The good player wins by it. If Frodo is killed or if three evil pieces enter the Shire, the Evil players wins.
With these six tips, we hope that you can play the Confrontation in LOTRO Gold easier. Good luck!

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