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Brings Science and Magic Together in the New Alchemy Update

Nexon America today released the latest content update for its fantasy massively multiplayer online game, Mabinogi, called, “Alchemist.” The Alchemist update brings science and magic together and introduces a new storyline to the game, a new skill set, a new zone and new Shadow Missions.

The Alchemist storyline will take players on a new type of adventure, teaching them a new skill set including Life Drain, Water Cannon, Wind Blast, Ice Mine, Barrier Spikes and Summon Golem. As players progress through the Alchemist story, they begin to learn these new skills, using science to create elements they need, and magic to develop new skills.
Life Drain is especially helpful when battling enemies, giving players more hit points as they drain the enemy’s life. Water Cannon and Wind Blast are great close-range attacks that help players distance themselves from their enemies. This gives players time to plan their next attack or to get away. Ice Mine enables players to trap their opponents by freezing them, while Barrier Spikes immobilize enemies by keeping them away. Summon Golem is another Alchemist skill that gives players an edge by giving them the ability to summon and control a powerful golem.

Taillteann, the new zone added to the world of Mabinogi Gold , will have many of the usual components of towns, but will also have the Alchemist’s House to visit and explore. Here, players can improve their Alchemy skills by practicing and learning things they can’t learn anywhere else. Just northwest of Taillteann, players will find Stonehenge, the entrance to the Shadow World and access point to Shadow Missions.
Shadow Missions can be obtained by visiting the mission board at Taillteann Headquarters and then entering the Shadow Realm at the Stonehenge entrance. These party quests take place in dungeons and have several objectives that players can choose from, fitting with their individual play style. Players can team up with friends or recruit other adventurers and complete these missions for hefty rewards of EXP and Mabinogi Gold.

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