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Hunting tactics with a sword

mabinogi  is extremely important to well hello there! It was not written by me, but I have no idea who wrote this either, so if anyone knows, tell me, and I will make an explanation

White Spiders/Foxes/Raccoons:

1. Run up to a target and hit all you can before it falls to the ground.2. Keep a distance from the target.3. Watch the target reaction.4. If the target charges at you, keep running until it slows down or else do step 5.5. Use Defense skill and wait for the target to charge again.mabinogi gold 6. You will be able to block its attack with your defense and then hit it as hard as you can again7. Repeat step 2.


1. Run up to a target.2. Hit all you can before the target falls to the ground.3. Use Defense and keep a distance from the target immediately.4. Keep an eye on your target and see if it flashes.5. If the target does not flash and rushes at you after it has fallen, it is using a normal attack. Your Defense skill should be able to block it. Once you defended, do step 1.6. If the target flashes and rushes at you right after it have fallen, it is going to use Smash. mabinogi gold Quickly cancel your Defense and hit the target. After you whack it, do step 3.7. If the target flashes and starts to bark at you, go next to the target and wait. 8. If the target circles around you, try to get as close to it as possible.9. When you are close to the target and it flashes, immediately cancel your Defense and do step 1. You must hit as soon as it flashes or else it can dodge your attacks.10. If it uses normal attack, defend and do step 2.


1. Before you attack a target, find the closest tree for cover.2. Run up to a target and hit all you can before it falls to the ground.3. Run towards that tree and hide behind it.4. Wait for the bear to use its Defense skill.5. Repeat step 1.

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