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Mabinogi fantasy life is an online massive multiplayer role playing game originally developed by DevCat for Nexon. It features full 3D environments and an engaging story about the world of Erinn and its inhabitants. Mabinogi has a unique skill system which allows players to freely choose any skill to rank. This is a very different take on traditional MMORPGs where a class system is usually implemented. Originally introduced in Korea, Mabinogi became an instant success, and was internationalized to include Taiwan, Japan, and recently, North America. Following Nexon's business model the game is free to play, with a cash shop containing bonus items and services.

The mabinogi gold game is based on an ancient civilization termed Mabinogians. Set in the world of Erinn, players are pretty much free to do as they wish. Mabinogi allows players to play out their "fantasy life", whether it includes becoming the strongest, completing quests, doing part time jobs, or just socializing with friends.

Mabinogi is an RPG, and thus there is a lot of role playing involved. The Mainstream quests are split up into parts named after the patch in which it was implemented. These quests give the player unique abilities, as well as items obtained only after completing that section of the quest. This way, the player gets to know Erinn's history and the pasts of the various NPCs whom you meet.If you are a archer, both the two accessories are tartness, it is +4 attack rate. It is more important for archer to advance attack rate than to increase damage. It is not easy to inflict critical damage oon snakes in dungeon Hard-S, and much higher attack rate is needed to damage on them. When they drop normal skin and good skin, what efficiency hit them is to drop normal skin and mabinogi money good skin.

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