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Maple Story Thief Guide

Thief is the hardest class to use in the Maple Story game. Due to a low amount of damage, they level very slowly. But they have some fun skills to make use of. The Maple Story Thief can be chosen as your new class once you've reached level 10 if your beginner character has the minimum amount of AP that is required for the advancement. After the second job advancement at level 30, the thieves are the fastest characters in the game.

You can become either a Dagger Thief or a Claw Thief. Dagger Thieves become Bandits at level 30, while Claw thieves become Assassins. Claw thieves are the most expensive class to have in the game, so remember to pick wisely! However, after level 40 or so, Thieves are some of the strongest classes in the game.
The maple story mesos  Thief's skills are Lucky Seven, Disorder, Keen Eyes, Double Stab and Nimble Body. With all the different skills available it can sometimes be hard to figure out what skill would be the most beneficial for a certain task.

A Maple Story Thief Guide is an excellent way to find out how to get your character to perform to its full potential. The maple story mesos Thief Guide can assist you with selecting the correct and most beneficial skills for your character and show you how to get the most out of them.
With the help of the Thief Guides you'll be able to create a more powerful character, defeat enemies with a lot more efficiency and advance a lot faster!
As a Thief, you will be one of the most powerful classes in the game at high levels as you are able to deal out huge amounts of DPS.
Learning the Thief class is very important because it will either make or break the Thief.

As a Thief, you will have the choice to become an Assassin which attacks at range with the fastest attack speeds in the game, or a Bandit which will use a dagger to do close melee attacks at incredibly fast speeds.

The main stat for a Thief is DEX and LUK. You always want to make sure your DEX is 2 times the amount of your level and the rest of your points should be going into LUK.
It is very important for a Thief to have very high DEX for speed and accuracy and to have very high LUK for avoid-ability.

To some extent, thief is a stealthy class that uses either daggers or ninja stars. This class is both melee and ranged and is based mostly off of the Agility statistic it is fun and fast but it has lower hp then a warrior and lower mp then a mage it is still quite enjoyable. The thief has skills that allow it to hide in the shadows and avoid detection as well as skills that allow it to do good damage.
As above, it is not hard to say that maplestory mesos  can be very fun for the right people. It has bright colors and fun enemies to fight. The skill and stat systems are simple and easy to get used to. Leveling can get a bit slow but is still very enjoyable. Questing is not a necessity but the quests are in depth and fun.

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