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MapleStory's Big Bang Part 2 is Coming Soon

MapleStory 's second installment of the Big Bang update on Dec. 20 will introduce the two new character classes, Wild Hunter and Battle Mage, as well as a new zone, Edelstein. All players will be able to enjoy this new content in addition to the entire game overhaul implemented with the first Big Bang update on Dec. 7.

Maple Story Big Bang

With the second Big Bang update installment, players will be able to explore Edelstein, a quiet mining village where the people have a knack for technology. Players will also be invited to join the Resistance and battle as one of the new classes - the Wild Hunter or Battle Mage. The Resistance Class is a new collection of heroes that have banded together to thwart the dark deeds of the Black Wings, a secret cult dedicated to the resurrection of the vile Black Mage.

The Wild Hunter is a ranged character with a jaguar mount, which enables her to move quickly across the battlefield and attack her foes while in motion. The Battle Mage is also a ranged character and makes an excellent party member thanks to his high HP, his beneficial auras and deadly attacks that can hit multiple enemies at once.


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