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Part One Training Grounds in Maplestory

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Level 30-35: Go to Orbis, or Kerning City, and participate in the Monster Carnival Party Quest. When it starts, hide somewhere safe, because you are too weak to fight the monsters there. If your team wins you get 7,000-50,000 EXP(maple story mesos). Level 30-34: Train where you have trained before. Ant Tunnel is a good choice, and so is Land of Wild Boars II. Not Land of Wild Boars, Jr. Boogies will give you too much trouble. Jr Sentinels and those green and horned mushroom tree dungeons at Ellinia are profitable alternatives.

Fish Resting Spot is not a bad choice as well. You may also butcher the roosters and ducks in Shanghai once you can kill them with one Magic Claw per fowl. Level 35-39: Go Kill Sakura Cellions. They are awesome training. They give out a lot of money too. Ice mages can now go kill Fire Boars with ease, so do so at Burnt Land I or II.

They can also go to Sand Castle Playground to train on Flower Fishes if they want. Lightning right now is still too weak for your purposes, so boars are a good source of exp and money for now, use magic claw, not lit. Lightning mages can also train well on Ratz in Floor 100 of Eos Tower. Standing on a slide allows one to rain down lightning while not getting hit.

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