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Like most Massive Multiple online role playing games, Maple Story is set on characters going off on various quests, entering unknown regions and battle fierce monsters in a test to prove their mettle. This game is a free to play, which won't cost a dent in your pocket unless you're a serious gamer and need those extra items at the cash shop. Other reason for buying Nexon Cash is for opening guilds and clans of your own, or opening up a shop.
You can learn the basics of Mapling upon completion of the various tutorials when starting off in the small island of Victoria; then you journey off into the major islands of Maple Story. You can meet up with NPS, take on quests, choose a job and join guilds.

maplestory mesos is as diverse as an online world can get. Its cute 2D graphics is one of the many pulls of this game and the maps and locations are presented to players. They remind people of an anime-esque spiel to its game, what with the mini-characters running around the worlds and the array of cute emoticons available for people to use. Monsters are portrayed in again, a "cutesy" manner enabling players to enjoy what they're seeing and battling against. Aside from locations and monsters, the graphics for the character, like skill actions, costumes. Weaponry is also up to par. The vivid colors and designs show off the graphic skills of the developers during the game.
As beginners, all players start off training for experience and ability points and earning as much mesos as they can get. Once they reach the main island, the separation begins. You usually are given the choices of becoming a magician, Warrior, bowman or thief and presuming you find your place, 2nd level jobs will further separate you from other players.

You should take some time to decide how each character is supposed to be because the skill point, ability points and stats all play into how your character develops.
You doll them up with the right accessories and outfit them with the most optimal weapons. You can create parties and join clans as well as guilds all in effort to reach out to fellow maplers. But once in a while, there are definite added perks.

Note that the maple story mesos players can get married and divorced as well is a unique about Maple Story. Find love and lost love, all in the life of an adventure traveler right?

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