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The Big Bang Update Feature Report

The Big Bang update for Maplestory has brought a lot of new content. Almost everything in the game from maps to skills has been changed. This article will talk about some of the many changes to Maplestory.

The Big Bang update will come in three parts. The first part changes almost everything in the world. It has changed many, if not all, skills, maps and monsters. The second part is the release of the resistance classes (Battlemage and Wild Hunter). The final part will bring a new class to Maple Mesos, the Mechanic. The first two parts have been released on Global Maplestory.

If you have not played or heard of Maplestory before
The story revolves around the Black Mage. He was a citizen of a peaceful town and had a family that loved him. The Black Mage saw the chaos in the Maple World and thought people could not be trusted to make their own decisions. He rose to power using ideals such as peace and freedom. People soon realized he did not actually offer peace and freedom.

Maple Storry Full UI Colmbat

The people of the Maple Mesos fought against the Black Mage. He still thought he was helping the greater good and in time he was filled with madness. He wanted the world to be destroyed. Finally after many sacrifices, the Black Mage was defeated by heroes such as the Polearm-Wielder and the Dragon King.

Now the Black Mage is coming back!

In part two of the Big Bang update, the quiet mining town of Edelstein has become the home for the Black Wings, a secret cult dedicated to the resurrection of the Black Mage. The resistance is dedicated to free their town. In the day they are ordinary citizens of Edelstein, but at night they work to overthrow the Black Wings!

The first thing you will notice once you login into Maple Mesos is that the UI has been completely revamped. The new user interface covers the screen as much as the old UI. Fortunately now you can play at 1024x768. This offers the UI to take up a lot less space and allows you to see much more of the map.

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