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The Hunt for Treasure in MapleStory

This is mmofisher. This topic is main about the hunt for treasure in MapleStory which we got from other site, hope you can learn more about it.

Now that you are convinced of all the benefits of thing, it is time to get you on your way to hunt for treasure. First of all, there are a few things you need to know about TH'ing: Treasure hunting quests can be initiated by talking to Treshi, who is located in the bottom right corner of the guild hall. Treshi will accompany you on the quest and he will stay in the camp to receive any items(maple story mesos) you bring him. You can find treasure items at every gather spot and from the monsters roaming the land.

Every item that is worth treasure points will have "(Treasure)" in yellow when you look it up in your inventory. Items(maple story mesos) in your inventory and carry items must be delivered to Treshi himself and not in the red box. Go near him and press circle to deliver. You can do your first TH quest from the start of the game, but only the Mountains map will be available for now. You will unlock more maps as you progress in the main game. For more info, see "Frequently asked questions" section. The general point of these quests is to gain as many points as you possibly can, since this will determine how big your rewards will be.

The number of Pokke points you will receive, depends on your final Treasure Hunting score, which is then divided by 10. Treasure hunting can only be done alone or with another player, so felyne fighters cannot come along. Unlike any normal quest, any items you have in your inventory before starting the quest cannot be used while thing, so there is no point in bringing any megapotions, whetstones, etc with mesos  Evidently, only items from inside the quest can be used. This may seem annoying, but it will allow you not to have to conserve on items. No items from inside the quest will be kept, so you may as well use them to the fullest during the quest itself.

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