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The Useful Guide for MapleStory

Quests - to hide the streets and look for the attk scrolls gloves, do they. Money is worth or any other banner.

Boss in Maplestory - they do not give up any good thing, considering that most spawning a 30-1 hour (average boss, blue mushmom spawning rate, 24 hours we believe). And in most cases, you have been ks'ed high-level figures, that bishop.

Events - we have heard Maple Leaf is selling the 4 - 8K each (ie - 1000 = 4 million - 800 million). Only to find a good nesting place, or do casandras frame material, you are one, and if you are lucky 500 leaves.

Hunting rare items(maple story mesos) - hate us, if you want, but spending hours hare grinding on drums, cubic mud, cold eyes, or zombie mushrooms, (Zombie and the drum small dungeones) and persistent organic pollutants rolling a confusion - the value of 50-80 mill. Currently, there are still millions of lonely unless the reason interferes with the market. (Killed 6 weeks Feng economy).

However, note down the rabbit drum, red whip, (1-5 plants), panlid (50 million - 2mill), scroll, and a large number of leaves (600 per 1 hour average). As the killing rate. Bubblings drop maple shield, also cube mud - 10-30 Mill still, but in a week, which will significantly lower (keep 3-6 months, it is 25-50 per mill).

Small selkie, 60 level(maple story mesos), - 220 import and export, 4.8 - 5.2k hp, drops steelies. - Red drakes steelies. The views of the other heirs, so that of Panax quinquefolius in the money, selling pot, and level them as insane, come back, your level, and requested 70 + happy mapling.

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