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Martial Empires Guide for Character Information

MH has 4 characters : Warrior(Martial Empires), Assassin, Mage and Monk. Each character has his own potential as well as skill. Here is the detail informations:

A.1 - Warrior - "The Legend of Sword"
Usage : Warriors has strong in attack and defend, so they are highly effective in close-range combats.
Weapon : Single-edged Sword, Spear, and Axe.
Important attributes : Strength and Viatality

A.2 - Assassin - "Mystery Shadow"
Usage : Master of one blow to kill, fast move. Use her to take out monster by thier skill in Martial Empires Gold.
Weapon : Dagger, Claw and Bow.
Important attributes : Dexterity and Agility

A.3 - Mage - "Bookworm" or "Master"
Usage : Controlling natural force but also effected in weapon.
Weapon : Gauntlet. Fan and Sword.
Important attributes : Intelligent and Viatality

A.4 - Monk - "Deung HwaGun"
Usage : Some kind of exorcism and healing.
Weapon : Rod, Staff, and Wheel.
Important attributes : Intelligent and Dexterity.

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