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Seven Souls EU Version Features Compilation

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Are you prepared for the exploration of the once separated continent Neha? Ready to meet its people and to expose its secrets? Take action and fight for the freedom of this mystic continent. Decide between three different classes. Take revenge for the murder of your mother as a ranger. Prevent the destruction of Neha as a mighty mage or participate in the troops of the imperator on their secret mission as a warrior.

Learn new skills and develop your abilities in the handling of numerous weapons and enter the war with your guild. Meet the challenge of captivating PVP-Battles or relax with one of many Martial Empires Gold.

Became master of fighting and a honorable hero in the world of Martial Empires!


NEHA: The beautiful continent
The land of Neha was always bright, even at night - two moons kept the inhabitants company. Beautiful as it was, Neha was no pleasant place for humans. The Ancients used a powerful force to improve their surroundings: the very soul and essence of Neha, known to them as Terre. They harnessed Terre for quite some time - but they knew little of the power they were using. Unbeknownst to the Ancients, the power of Terre was destroying the balance of their land... They decided to put an end to it: stop using Terre and lock it away forever, lest future generations be tempted to use it again. After a long struggle, the Ancients were able to overpower Terre and sealed it with seven seals - with one keeper to defend each of those Martial Empires Money.

The east and west

The continent was saved - but at a great cost. Terre created a great fissure dividing the continent in two, east and west. A powerful ocean rushed in, separating these lands - seemingly forever. For the next thousand years, they lived apart and the memory of the seven seals faded...

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