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Play MegaTen Free Online Fantasy MMORPG Game

Its a fantasy online game which has different fashion possiblities and more gear compared to other fantasy games online.Going a step further you can use swords and spells, blast away demons with guns and gain gunner skills in order to use them better.MeganTen is a very good fantasy game. Play this MMORPG genre game and enjoy it.

MeganTen Features:
Free to play online.
Based on a popular Japanese console game series.
Demon partnership system where players have the ability to Talk with a demon, Fight with a demon, and Capture a demon. As you level, they level, along with their relationship towards you.
Demon fusing is the ability to combine 2 or 3 different demons to create a more powerful or unique demon.
Exclusive cut-scenes while doing quests, demon fusing, and speaking with NPCs.
Players can upgrade their weapons using consumables, weapons, and armor.
With the post-apocalyptic storyline, players are engaged with the “Rebirth of Tokyo” idea.
Law, Chaos, and Neutral –MegaTen Players have the ability the choose which side of the storyline they will be affiliated with; The good and evil.
Special Bonuses – Along with the friendly community, players have the ability to form and enhance their “Clan”. Each clan has their own specific benefits. They may also upgrade their Clan’s level.
With a maximum of 5 players to a party, players have the ability to share the experience gained from killing a monster/demon. This allows the players to interact, use teamwork, and receive rare items from their drops/loots of the monster/demon.
Players have the ability to customize what class their character can be. Players can train certain magic skills, gunner skills, and melee skills. Players also have a chance to train their “Non-Combat” skills through specific tasks and quests.
Megaten Gold Players can use magnetite to temporarily combine the powers of two demons to do a super attack/spell more powerful than normal.
Players may set up a timed shop where they can log out and still sell the items they desire.
Trading system where players may post up the item name, along with the appropriate picture, that they are wanting to sell/buy. This is visible by all players. Players may comment/suggest possible prices and negotiations for that specific item.
Any item can be broken down into raw materials.
Download is 1.26 GB.

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