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Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine News - Dungeon Primer Megaten Correspondent P. Roberts writes this primer for players looking to delve into the game's dungeons.

You've been playing Megaten Online for a while now and completed some of the introductory quests, but now you come to a quest where Snakeman himself has instructed you to go adventure in the Suginami Tunnel and gather some soul shards from the Kodama there. Or perhaps your friends suggest heading to the dungeon, to gain valuable experience and levels. Maybe they're after rare items there too. For whatever reason, you have many attractive incentives drawing you there. But before you go, you must know a few different things:

The layouts of dungeons in Megaten Online (Megaten Gold)are randomly selected, so you really won't have the ability to anticipate layout. This adds a necessary element of challenge to dungeon-running, certainly, and it can make it into a prodigious task, especially for a beginner. Because of this, preparation is the key to any successful venture into the enclosed and dangerous areas of Megaten's dungeons.

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