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MO just got bumped up to to my top five.

For instance, Mortal gold has no levels, no experience points, no quests, no 3rd person view, no global chat, no minimap, no instances and no dragons that drop swords.

Sounds interesting, huh?

Items are handled in a different way to most Mortal gold  too. There are no levels, so armour and weapons have no level restrictions, but a character must train skills to be able to use items efficiently.

There are over 100 primary action Mortal gold  skills to chose from such as swordsmanship and magic types, and almost 1,000 sub-skills connected to these.

These sub-skills do no affect combat directly like the primary skills, but they allow a character to be better at things such as repairing armour or certain weapons, or enabling them to use of a wider range of a weapon type.

The sub-skills are improved by practice and training over a long period.

Even better.

Mortal gold Players will be able to buy mounts from vendor NPCs, or hunt down wild animals to train themselves. The taming process is challenging, but it can also be another way to make money.

The world of Nave is seamless, and Mortal gold  players are not blocked from any areas.

The continent, Myrland, is 64Km squared not including caves, mines and dungeons.

As mentioned before, there is no minimap in the Mortal gold  game, so it is quite possible to get lost. Map making is a profession though, so maps can be bought from other players for a price.

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