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Talk about the Guardian

Guardians of the NeoSteam  Online game in this location is inside Ruyun, attracting monster of hatred, withstood monster attacks, in the strange group in yelling一声: "I fired to" attack the role of the relatively low.

I defenders in the six times and had a poet pk times, 25 times and in a 30 soldiers pk of the times, through two defenders pk know how the attack was low, and poets pk, We are all six, I sacrifice, but also the poet most of the blood, and soldiers pk, I was only single-hand weapons 2-8 at the soldiers fighting the blood, and thoroughly hopeless in NeoSteam Gold .

My intuitive feeling weak side defenders in the pk. But netizens in the Nerimitsu 50, the guardian of the people, a strong defender of the late pk, almost all short-range attacks against the occupation, the odds are very long-range career, I hope I can do so.

As guardian of attacks low, people feel like Shanlian very slow, but I am in t NeoSteam Gold game inside practice, but in fact Chanlian defender is not very slow, and every time a new place, first to end the mandate of all, and then Next to accomplish, as long as the ring is not for tasks, defenders generally very easy to complete the following tasks yellow (Shaguai to improve efficiency, this time with both hands can be weapons, you will find that their attack also quite good, Hei hei), and some simple tasks can also get red.

Guarding warning for small tasks to the best defender Group 1-2 fighters do, which you may find more efficient is fast, powerful attack fighters will let you in when the roof strange feeling relaxed. As for the big ring with the best group for the full six people do to avoid waste of time. I remember that I do kill jy trolls solitary soil when the mandate of just 27, I peer group of the two soldiers, it is easy to complete the task which. Incidentally 15 guards under the occupational task is very simple, two security guards the same level of the team it is very easy to complete.

Third, the guardian of many NeoSteam Gold skills, I, the rookie sometimes it is really difficult to choose, through friends and the guidance of their exploration, I use the most is a defender of skill, shields percussion 2, swept all 3 , shields hit 4, 5 anger attacks, shields ridicule. This is particularly angry attack skills are characterized by less energy, high-injury addition to the regular use. This is also swept all good skills in general use there will be a shield hit, in the solo use, can greatly improve efficiency. The other is the gift of choice is my loyalty and bravery, and so on Parkes vitality and strength of the other gas not consider how (the gift of deep understanding of mainly low-level not to a lot of places), after all, is the ability to guards at gates Gao high blood.


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